The National Library of Sweden signs agreement on CC0 license with OCLC

The Swedish national library has over a long period of time negotiated with OCLC and can now inform that the Swedish national library and OCLC have signed an agreement on use of Creative commons (CC0) [1] for Libris (Swedish union catalogue) data derived from WorldCat [2]. Similar agreements have been entered into by the national library with the Library of Congress and three European national libraries (British library, French National Library and the German national library).

Certain information may not be covered by the agreement because of intellectual property rights (for example cover materials). In other respects, CC0-licensing provides a more complete support both for Libris libraries’ cataloguing and for parties wishing to re-use and/or build services based on Libris data.

In addition, the Swedish national library and Libris libraries have also re-initiated negotiations regarding membership in OCLC/WorldCat. As full members, the Swedish national library and Libris libraries will have access to WorldCat for among other things Copy Cataloguing.

We will provide further information on both negotiations and CC0-licensing as available.