Knowledge Base and Link Resolver Study: General Findings

5 juni, 2012 Marja Haapalainen

Så är den klar, rapporten som Kungliga biblioteket har beställt av konsulten Marshall Breeding, Library Technology guides, som en del i arbetet med nationell länkserver.

Författarens sammanfattning:

This report summarizes research conducted on OpenURL Link Resolvers and their associated Knowledge Bases. It includes information collected from the providers of these products as well as data provided by the libraries that use them regarding their experiences of their quality and effectiveness. The study focuses primarily on the knowledge bases, though it also examines the functionality offered in the link resolvers. In addition to the these characterizations of the products, the report also provides observations regarding the role that these products play in the broader landscape of library automation and some of the trends currently in motion.

Till rapporten.

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